I have the good fortune of having been a photographer for nearly 55 years. Admittedly the first efforts were family photos with roll film cameras and under the supervision of my father but just seeing the prints when they came back from the store made me want to do much more. I bought my first 35mm Yashica camera at age 15 and used it for nearly a decade. Its simple metering and shutter system allowed me to learn a lot of the skills I still need today.

For nearly 20 years I had a darkroom and this is where I developed my love of monochrome prints and the way they can render even the most mundane subject in interesting ways. During that time I received numerous awards at international photo salons but the highlight was the Best Monochrome Print at the 7th British Columbia International Exhibition of Photography and having the photo used on the cover of their catalog for the show. For a long period, I concentrated on watercolour painting, which is another hobby of mine, but the allure of digital photography brought me back to my favorite pass time.

I would have described myself as a landscape photographer until about 2 years ago when “street photography” peeked my interest. My most recent awards including a 2nd place in the portrait category of the 2014 Capture Okville were all from scene shot in markets or public areas where the photo opportunities are endless.

What defines my photography today? I am looking to present images of any scene where the play of light and colour cause you to stop just so you could enjoy the moment. If the subject and presentation are such that they create discussion or controversy then I have succeeded in stirring the emotions that is a successful image.